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May 27, 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

 Recently I saw the new Steven Spielberg movie Ready Player One and I really enjoyed it. It is set in the future, in a world where most people have it very rough. In the midst of this, some inventor created a virtual world that everyone can escape to called “The Oasis.” In The Oasis you can be whatever you want to be and do whatever you want to do – There are no boundaries. It truly is an escape from reality in the truest sense of the phrase. If you can dream it you can be it in “The Oasis”. My guess is that most people who have seen the movie at some point found themselves thinking about how great it would be if this Oasis actually existed. It’s essentially the same thought process that a lot of us probably had when watching Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, or Harry Potter. We wished that it could be real. My guess is that all of us at some point in life have looked at something that is the creation of someone’s imagination and wished that it could be true – we wish that we could escape reality because we long for more. I think we all experience at times what C.S. Lewis (the creator of Narnia) expressed perfectly when he said “If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”

 Let me tell you right now that 100% without a doubt the reason why we dream of living something more, something beyond, something deeper, is because God has placed this desire on our hearts because He wants for us to reach out to Him. How cognizant are we on a daily basis of the presence of the angels and the saints around us? How aware are we that daily at every Catholic Church GOD HIMSELF comes down and becomes present in the form of bread? How aware are we that the Holy Trinity, 3-in-1 watches over us always. If you were to write a plot for a movie involving miracles, people being crucified and rising from the dead, and spiritual beings supporting all of the characters and pitch this story to someone who had never heard it, they’d be so excited and people would rush to see it and wish that it was real . . . IT IS REAL!!! Unfortunately, sometimes we lose sight of the depth of the spiritual realities that surround us. There is more to our existence and experience of life and we don’t have to escape, we simply have to wake up to be more aware of what is already around us. So this week I encourage you to take time to reflect on the depths of existence that surround us and the beauty of the Heavenly world that is waiting in our future.

God Bless,
Fr. Romke

P.S. Please mark your calendars for Bishop Malloy’s visit here to St. Patrick’s on June 26th! He will be here for a special Mass at 5:30 pm during which he will install me as the pastor of the parish. I hope you can make it!

May 20, 2018

Dearest Parish Family,

 As you heard at the end of Mass today, there are some changes happening on the diocesan level that are resulting in some trickle-down effects here at St. Patrick Church. After 5 ½ years as Vocation Director, the Bishop has thanked me for my time and service to the diocese and is assigning the position to a different priest. Because of this, I will now be full time at St. Patrick, in addition to being named Pastor. I am excited and overjoyed that I will now be able to put all of my effort into serving you here!

 Unfortunately, from the beginning, when Fr. Easton was assigned here, I was told that the reason why we would have 2 priests was because there would need to be a 2nd priest here for all of the times that I would be gone on the road for my various visits to seminaries and schools in my role as Vocation Director. Since I will now be around full-time, the diocese has a need for Fr. Easton to assist as a priest in a bigger parish that needs 2 priests at all times to minister to their people. For this reason, Fr. Easton will be going to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish in Crystal Lake to continue his priestly ministry. He will be very missed here at St. Patrick’s! We will keep him in our prayers and we know that he will be very successful in light of the amazing gifts that he has shared with all of us over this past year.
The next effect within these changes is that since we’ll be back to having only one priest at the parish we will also be going back to having only one daily Mass. It was amazing to be able to offer two daily Masses, but this of course was only made possible by the presence of a 2nd priest. Also, because of diocesan deanery meetings being on Tuesday evenings, we will be shifting the 5:15pm Mass from Tuesday to Monday evenings. The new daily Mass schedule that will begin starting on Monday, June 4th will be as follows:

Monday – 5:15 pm
Tuesday-Thursday – 8:00 am
Saturday – 8:00 am
Weekend Masses – No change

 One final piece of the puzzle is that we currently have 2 Mass intentions each day, Monday-Friday for pretty much the remainder of the year. Since we will be going down from two Masses a day to one Mass, our plan is to simply offer the one daily Mass each day for both intentions. My hope is that everyone who has requested to have Masses offered for a particular intention will be ok with this arrangement that is a product of the current circumstances. If you would prefer not to have them combined, please don’t hesitate to call the office and we will be happy to reschedule your intention for a different date in the future (most likely in 2019 due to the 2018 Mass book being nearly full). So too, since there will no longer be any Masses on Friday, if you have a Mass scheduled on a Friday, you will be receiving a call soon to reschedule. I deeply apologize in advance for this, it of course is something that we didn’t see coming and now have to arrange for. Thank you for your understanding.

God Bless you all!
Fr. Romke

May 6, 2018

Dear Parish Family,

                Over the past few months, in this column, I’ve been talking about more and more opportunities that I hope to bring to our parish to increase the LIFE and opportunities to belong and be fed by our Church.  One of the big things that is coming is our youth group for our High Schoolers which will be starting up later this summer.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to work with these incredible young men and women who are at the perfect age to make their faith their own. From past experience, I can tell you that there is something very special and rewarding to see teenagers “get-it” and welcome the Lord into their hearts and lives in such a deep, deep way.

                Of course, when we start up a Youth Ministry Program we in turn need a youth minister!  So I am very pleased to announce that Jen Sagel will be joining the staff at St. Pat’s in this role!  She’ll also be taking over coordinating our RCIA program, planning and leading retreats, and helping run a plethora of other events that will help our parish grow in our relationship with Christ.  So I ask you to please pray for Jen as she takes up her role as our new Coordinator of Parish Evangelization.

                As I look around our parish I see so many incredible people whom the Lord has blessed in so many ways (I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU!).  I know that the Lord has planted so many seeds deep in our hearts, and in this springtime of the year it’s time to tend our garden and make sure that we are blooming!  I want to invite all of you to set aside 10 minutes of time each day this week to pray and to let God’s graces water these seeds in your heart!  You can even schedule it in and put it on your calendar if you think that will help.  Let’s make sure that we flower and bloom to the best of our ability.

God Bless,

Fr. Romke

May 13, 2018

Dear Parish Family,

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Today is a day to rejoice and to be grateful to God for the women that He has placed in each of our lives. In fact, I’d like to wish a happy Mother’s Day to all women, no matter what particular vocations they are called to, precisely because all women are called to embrace the role of motherhood in one way or another. I think we can truly say that a mother is a woman who brings forth, cares for, and nurtures life. This of course applies to the women whom we each call “mom,” but it also applies to many other women as well. Throughout my life, I of course have been infinitely indebted to my own mother, after all, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her (thanks mom!), and yet at the same time there have been countless other women who have made an impact on me and have aided me with their care as well as their prayers. This day is a celebration for them as well! God gave a beautiful gift to the world when he created Eve. In doing so, He gave the world its first woman and its first mother as well. Today let us be grateful for all women and all mothers, whether they be physical mothers or spiritual mothers. Women, thank you for what you provide for the world and thank you for your never-ending love, care, and nurturing. Thank you for responding to God’s call for you to be who you are. Know of my prayers for you that you might continue to thrive and to spread God’s love to the world.

God Bless,
Fr. Romke

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From the Desk of Father Romke

It is truly a joy to be the administrator of St. Patrick parish here in Dixon!  From the time that I joined the diocese as a seminarian in 2003, as an 18 year-old who had just graduated from High school in Elgin, up until the day before I arrived here and began calling St. Patrick’s my home, I heard people speak about how loving, caring, and vibrant this parish is.  As I made my way through 4 years of Philosophical Studies at St. Gregory the Great Seminary in Nebraska, followed by 4 years of studying Theology in Rome, I wondered with great anticipation what parishes I would serve as an associate priest after my ordination in 2011, and ultimately what my first parish as administrator would be.  I served as an associate at Holy Cross Parish in Batavia and St. Bridget Parish in Loves Park along with being the Diocesan Director of Vocations since 2013.  When the time came that the bishop entrusted me with shepherding my own parish, and I was told I’d be coming to St. Patrick Parish in Dixon, I was thrilled and humbled to be asked to minister to the people of such a great community and parish.  Know that I am ready and willing to help everyone and anyone however I can so that we can all continue to grow in our love and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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