Dear Brothers and Sisters,
This past week I had an opportunity to spend multiple days with my parents. I had been looking forward to this time with them for quite a while. As the week arrived I found that I was excited about the different events that we would attend and the things that we would do. When we were on our way to the first thing that we had scheduled, I spent a few minutes praying, and what God put on my heart changed the trajectory of the rest of the week. The Lord helped me to see that my Joy needs to come not from the things that I do but rather from the relationships I have with the people He has placed in my life as well as the fact that He is with me in all that I do. By the end of my time with my parents I have to say that some of the best moments weren't spent out and about doing all kinds of exciting activities but rather just being together and being there for each other. In light of this, I want to encourage all of you to do 2 things this upcoming week. The first is to connect with family and those whom you love. God puts people in our lives for a reason and we need to make sure not to let busyness get in the way of quality time. The second is to spend some time reflecting at the beginning of each day to try to become more aware of where God will be with you in each moment. With God on our minds and in our hearts we will find that even the most ordinary moments can become extraordinary! Have a great week!
God bless, Fr. Romke